Graduate Student Research Grant (GSRG)



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As part of its engagement with academia, Childreach Nepal implemented the Graduate Student Research Grant (GSRG) programme in partnership with UNICEF Nepal to reach out to and support graduate students.

The GSRG aims to award grants and strategic mentoring services to graduate students for their thesis and dissertation studies on issues related to children and women. Following a call for submissions a selection committee reviews the research proposals and makes award decisions. Research outcomes are shared with stakeholders including high level decision-makers through a national conference. Publication of the studies will also be disseminated via various platforms. Graduate students from any University/College whose thesis or dissertation proposal has been approved by their institution or are in mid-way research are eligible to apply.


Support young researchers in Social Sciences to continue their research, which can be a valid source of information on current policy performance and the basis for new policy framework in the near future.


June 2014 - 2016


Nepal (20 scholarships per year)


2 years