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35340 Girls & Boys (Indirect impact)

8802 Girls 8802 Boys

400 Teachers

Community-Based Child Health Programme

A study conducted by Childreach Nepal and Dhulikhel Hospital concluded that school absenteeism and a high dropout rate are major challenges to rural education. A major cause of absenteeism is chronic illness, and another study found that poor nutrition of children under 5 also has a drastic effect. There are many children that require immediate treatment yet have no timely access to quality health services. In the past, Childreach Nepal brought over a team of dentists from the UK as a part of Future Build: Dental Camp, who visited Dhulikhel Hospital’s outreach centers and set up dental camps there, performing dental check-ups for children and elderly people. After the Earthquake, we conducted eight health camps in Sindhupalchowk, along with doctors and health teams from Pakistan and India. We also had a pediatric health camp at the Meera Centre for the children from the area in coordination with Dhulikhel Hospital.

School-based Health Care Centre

A school-based health care centre was conceptualised in Yangrima Boarding school at Sermathang, so that the children as well as the people from the community in Sermathang could have access to immediate and quality health care. The project started in Sermathang in collab- oration with Dhulikhel Hospital, who helped set-up the health care centre and trained a paramedic to be sta- tioned at the centre. This was our model school-based health care centre, which was in the process of being re-envisioned when the Earthquake devastated the school building.

However, before that happened, we were able to provide first-aid training to six of our collaborating schools. And after the Earthquake, we were able to provide psycho-social counselling to teachers in Sindhupalchowk. We plan to expand these services in our collaborating schools which do not have easy access to health posts.


To provide children and the local community with quality health care through school-based health care services


July 2009 - 2016


Conducting Health Camps. First Aid Training- Comprehensive First Aid training was provided to the students and teachers of six schools. Psycho-Social counselling- A total of 45 teachers from different schools in constituency no.3 of Sindhupalchowk district were provided with psycho-social counselling workshop.

Districts and VDCs served:

Kavre district (Baluwa, Bolde, Solambu, Kattike Deurali, Dapcha, Dhunkharkha); Sindhupalchok district (Bahunepati, Tatopani, Manekharkha); Dhading district (Chhatredeurali); Lalitpur district (Godamchaur); Solukhumbhu district (Kharikhola)

Local Partners:

Dhulikhel Hospital (Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital)

Collaborative partners:

Ramechhap (Tamakoshi cooperative hospital), Gorkha (Aampipal hospital)

How Your Money Helps

Our work would not be possible without the support of people like yourself; every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference to the lives of the children we work with. Find out more about how your donation can help below;

means that a child at a school in a high risk trafficking area will be able to be exposed to street dramas, films and workshops so that they understand the dangers of human trafficking.

can provide a brand new pair of football boots for a child learning about their rights in our Sports Initiative

can pay for a weighing scale in our School Health Centres, to ensure that all the children are of a healthy weight