Health: School & Community based

The School Health Programme comprises of promotive, preventive and curative healthcare.

Community Members

120 Girls 40 Boys


The school heath proramme focuses on providing health education and awareness to the children on menstrual health and hygiene, training the students on basic First Aid and WASH programme. It also includes a provision of first aid kits to each school after conducting the training.

The project also worked to ignite change to the way that people perceive menstruation and create an environment where people can talk freely about menstruation The project also provided adolescent girls awareness on menstrual health and hygiene by encouraging girls to maintain proper hygiene during menstruation, In addition, fortnightly gynecology and pediatric health camps at Meera centre - a community based Early Childhood centres also provides the community access to promotive, preventive and curative healthcare service.


To provide children and the local community with quality healthcare through school-based and community based healthcare services.


September 2016- August 2017


First Aid Training, Menstrual hygiene training and WASH training. Fortnightly gynecology and pediatric camps.

Districts and VDCs:

Sankhuapatichaur VDC of Kavre district.


Childreach Nepal, Adelaide Crows, IMPACT Nepal