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Project Chhori aims to raise awareness on reproductive health and launch of school enterprise for adolescent girls.

Besides making adolescent girls aware, this project specifically focuses on the production of low-cost biodegradable sanitary pads as a part of school enterprise scheme. The revenue of which is reinvested back into the project.

This provides the girls in schools and in the surrounding local communities access to low cost sanitary pads. The making and distribution of sanitary pads to girls will improve menstrual health and well-being by ensuring they do not resort to unhygienic materials, and also increase attendance and reduce drop out of girls due to existing social stigma and embarrassment surrounding the issue of menstruation.


To raise awareness on reproductive health and launch of school enterprise for adolescent girls.


November 2016- Ongoing


Installation of sanitary pad making machine for production of bio-degradable sanitary pads as school enterprise scheme. Income generation of schools. Mobilising children to raise awareness on the issue of menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

Districts and VDCs:

Thangpalkot VDCs of Sindhupalchok district.


Childreach Nepal and Panchakanya Foundation

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