Taught not Trafficked

200 representatives NGO and Government & 3400 students from 12 schools

380 Girls 320 Boys

Teachers and youth mentors

Through a strategic partnership with Shakti Samuha and Himal Innovative Development and Research (HIDR) to address the preventive aspect of trafficking, with focus on safeguarding child- keeping children especially girls safe in schools in Sindhupalchok district and adding value to the existing anti-trafficking initiatives of the government.

A national level advocacy was also done through the Girls Education Summit where representatives from the government, non- government, corporate and media houses, private schools representatives came together and pledged to keep children especially girls safe in schools.

Additionally, a manual has also been developed in partnership with Shakti Samuha for teachers. The manual to bring about conceptual clarity on human trafficking and developing teachers as advocates through a training for Trainers. The teachers in turn will lobby with local and district government offices for effective support mechanisms in schools to keep children in school. Likewise, reference books have been developed on the rule of law and civic responsibility in partnership with HIDR to be distributed to schools and teachers as a part of the awareness campaign.


To expose children to practical aspect of science education in government schools.


September 2016- August 2017


Development of modules on rule of law and civic responsibilities and conducting TOT for teachers, Awareness raising at the district level. Conduct Girls Education Summit.

Districts and VDCs:

Thangpalkot, Thangpaldhap and Banskharka VDCs of Sindhupalchok district.


Childreach Nepal

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means that a child at a school in a high risk trafficking area will be able to be exposed to street dramas, films and workshops so that they understand the dangers of human trafficking.

can provide a brand new pair of football boots for a child learning about their rights in our Sports Initiative

can pay for a weighing scale in our School Health Centres, to ensure that all the children are of a healthy weight